Institutional Agent

GCSP, Private security

Our agents in school, healthcare, or government facilities.

Our agents rigorously trained to intervene with professionalism and empathy with the clientele of various institutions. We are aware of new social realities and that is why we have adapted. Increasingly confronted with psycho-social interventions, our agents with Omega, Omega plus and TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) certification, who are trainings focused on psychological intervention, will be able to intervene in situations that will lead the patient to absorb himself in order to avoid physical confrontation, with the mindset of avoiding injury or collateral damage.

Our officers also receive training on the use of handcuffs. It is important to understand that the agent receives theoritical training regarding the legal framework for the use of these tools as well as practical training. If the agent fails one of the two parts of the training, he will not be able to use the tool or be in possession of that tool. It is important to understand that these are tools that make the work of officers easier and should be used with caution. Full training leads to certification. In the context of a complaint, the trainer recognized by the federal authorities is requested to come and testify as an expert witness.

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