Physical security

GCSP, Private security

Whether it is for your factory, your offices or even a shopping mall, our physical security department has the appropriate personnel and equipment for your facilities.

Perfect round: Is a software program that allows you to program the rounds of agents according to your sites. For example, the agent arrives at the door of your mechanical room, he scans the bar code, which allows him to progress in his round. Thus, it is impossible to forget places during the round. Subsequently, when the door is scanned, the software automatically generates the precise tour of the mechanical room, the application will then ask personalized questions (the temperature of the room for example). If the agent enters abnormal data into the application, he will be redirected to a previously established procedure in order to normalize the situation and / or contact the right people so that the situation is quickly taken care of. This application has several advantages in addition to providing a detailed report by email when the round is completed.

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